Spänex SMU 12/15/25/60/85/100

Dust collectors are used to exhaust one or more machines. The suctions flows of the deduster program range from 1.200 to 10.000 m³/h and are thus the primary alternative solution for joiner’s and carpenter’s workshops. But they also represent an ideal complement for existing central exhaust plants, when the machinery is extended and the existing filter plant has no spare capacity.


The application possibilities are diverse. Also with regard to the energy efficiency decentralized exhausting solutions by near-machine installation of the deduster plant may be beneficial compared to a central extraction system with long pipework ways to the filter plant. During the planning of the system the individual aspects and factors must be considered, to select the best suited system configuration for the individual case.


The range of dust extractors includes 11 models, starting with the SMU 12, with an extraction nozzle size of 125 mm and a volumetric extraction flow of 1,200 m³/h through to the SMU 100 with an extraction nozzle diameter of 355 mm and a volumetric extraction flow of 10,000 m³/h.Filling containers with plastic lining bags, briquetting presses or mechanical or pneumatic transport systems are available as disposal options.

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