Spänex SHB 40-55/60-125

During the production process, residual materials in the form of shavings, dusts and wood chips are generated which are recycled, used for energy or disposed of.


For many applications briquetting represents a solution alternative which exhibits considerable advantages:

  • Volume reduction,
    - material-related: up to 95%
    - pouring-related: up to 50 %
  • Better handling of the residual materials,
  • Manufacturing of salable briquettes,
  • Reduction of the risk of fire and explosion caused by fine dust, 
  • Recovery of cooling lubricants, 
  • Lower melting losses of metal briquettes,
  • No complicated material processing required.

The following materials in the form of shavings, dust and wood chips can be briquetted:

  • Solid wood,
  • particle board, MDF, etc. 
  • Plastics (PU, Styrofoam, etc.),
  • Paint and grinding dusts, 
  • Paper, cardboard packaging and bank notes, 
  • Steel and cast iron,
  • Aluminum and other light metals, 
  • Cotton, textiles, 
  • Biomass (tobacco, rice husks, coffee hulls, etc.).

Depending on the material properties and the required briquette quality for the recycling, different pressures are required. With the SHB M series, pressures of up to 5,000 bar can be achieved.

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