Cutting machine TURBO-Drive

Cutting without measuring, marking and setting-up

The machine TURBO-Drive is the perfect solution, if quick and flexible cutting is required. Moreover, the machine can carry out also drilling and milling works as well as any markings.



The heart of the machine is the flexible saw unit for any angle and inclined cuts. With the 5-axis saw unit, which can be swivelled around 360° and tilted around 90° at the same time, any kind of chop cuts, mitre cuts, Jack rafter cuts, birdsmouths, ridge laps, laps for fascia board and scarf joints etc. can be produced quickly, precisely and in a high surface quality.

In contrast to a solution with an undertable mitre saw, the saw blade with its axis can move under the supporting height of the workpiece and thus process even horizontal slots in any angle and any required thicknesses.

Thanks to its compact construction, the machine is perfectly protected against dust and noise emission and can be mounted on an even concrete floor without requiring any construction measures.

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