Joinery machine K2i

From winter garden to board plywood element for solid wood houses!

Processing construction timber without measuring, without marking and without set-up times –with cross sections of 20 x 50 mm to 300 x 450 mm

(optionally 650, 1250 mm) and with any length. 


K2i is used in companies of all sizes, from one-man operation to prefab house factories.

This type of machine is the right choice if flexibility, variety of processing options and precision are required.

Of course, the joinery machine is fully customised taking into consideration the needs and operational peculiarities of our customers. This is possible due to the modular structure.


Thanks to the handling system, even round logs, log house profiles, T-sections or multiple layers (stacks) are fed in, safely transported and accurately processed.

The transport and positioning system with two gripper and guiding wagons guarantee highest accuracy even with bent and twisted beams.

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